About Us

Welcome to Compression Shapers.

The products on this website are dedicated to helping our customers improve their self confidence by enhancing their body shape in areas that cause embarrassment or self consciousness.

On this site you’ll find a wide range of Body Shaper Underwear for men and women, these include Compression Vests, Gynecomastia Vests,  Pull in Pants and Waistbands.

For men we have a range of compression body shaping vests that can hide the visible signs of Gynecomastia, more commonly known as man boobs, we also have vests that flatten the tummy and love handle area.  We have a range of waistbands designed to hold the stomach in giving a far slimmer profile.

For women we have a range of waistbands that hold the tummy in, they are escpecially well suited for post natal women who are looking to get their figure back as quickly as possible.  We also have a line of pants which go beyond those available on the high street for pulling in the tummy.

New products are being added all the time so please check back regularly.